More than a cloud software
less hassle

Start Odoo with one click

Go live in minutes. It can be a new instance or a restored one. We start it for you immediately. 

Team accounts for teamwork

You can use your subscriptions and manage invoices alone, but you can also share fully or limited with your team mates. User and Admin level sharing are availabile.

Be more organized with project feature

We offer to handle multiple projects under one team account. You are able to structure your instance as you want with project feature.

Every important events logged

You are in control, you can see every details of your team account, project and subscription. If there is a change you can see. Optionally you can set notification based on your interests. 

Not just for health check

Monitoring is useful when you want to see more details about your instances, resources and usage. If something goes wrong you will also see the cause of that in monitoring data. 

Automatic backup

We set automatic backup to every Production instance, backup is optional for Testing instances. We keep it in schedule and you always have option to restore your any backup from your backup list.

Unlimited manual backup

Manual backup solution is available to all instances. It's not limited to production subscription. You can move backups between instances for restoration.

Upload and restore backup from external sources

You are not limited to use our backups. You can upload your standard Odoo backup from another provider and it can be restored in a minutes. It's just starting a new instance, but with your existing data. Smoothly. 

Use your own domain with free SSL

We provide free subdomain for your instances, on both Production and Testing Plans you can attach your own domain. We provide SSL for for every domain or subdomain for free. You can attach unlimited number of domains to support Odoo multisite feature without any extra fee.

Advanced features 
for developers

Manage your code via SSH

You can connect to your instance via SSH. We use more secure than user-password creditentials. Just upload your public SSH RSA key to the relevant account, assign to the particular project and instances and you are good to go. 

Easy custom and 3rdparty app management

Use many app as you want.  Just put them to a private or public repository under the desired project and you can use them when you refresh your code in one click.

Apply subscriptions under your account

We add more value every day. You can use new features based on subscriptions. We manage subscriptions with custom API keys.  

You can stop your Odoo with one click

It's similar to start Odoo with one click. Stop Odoo feature is useful when you don't want to run your intance for a short time.

Standby your instance if you dont want to pay for usage

Standby feature is more than a backup solution. It's very useful and cost effective when you know you want to start a particular instance again, but you do not want to run it for some time. 

Keep your system up-to-date

Your release cycle is your choice. If you need latest code on your instance, just use update feature from the control panel.

App marketplace*

You can buy app subscriptions easily. You don't have to buy expensive Odoo apps for one time fees. You pay a fraction of price as a monthly subscription fee.  

*coming soon

You have access to full log

You have access to all log file directly on your instance. But we will add this to Monitoring and you can see logs in webshell as well with odoo helper commands soon. 

Upcoming features

You can see what's on our roadmap and more importantly we are open to discuss what is missing or lacking. We hear your voice and we respect your questions and comments. We keep your word in priority.

Developer tools with 
webshell  finally has arrived!

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Foundations of

Simplicity and Choice

You can run from Odoo 12.0 to latest Odoo 15.0. Community and Enterprise versions are available on our self service platform with
99.9% uptime.

Worry-Free Experience
  • Friendly support

  • Managed security

  • Automatic backup

  • Full monitoring*

  • Firewall Security and Hardening

Performance That Scales
  • Optimized Stack

  • Auto-Healing Servers

  • Latest software versions

  • Flexible platform

Deep Odoo Knowledge
  • Experienced developers

  • backendo is built with Odoo :)

  • We use Odoo and backendo on daily basis

  • Our service is one-of-a-kind

Upcoming features

We add more value continuously 

Automatic version upgrade for community core 

And for all our supported apps

Read-only database replication

For advanced BI integrations

Auto resource management

Make our system more flexible

1 click instance cloning

Life is gonna be easier with this 1

Default branch option

On subscription level

Advanced log monitoring

Just let you work smoothly

Webshell - done :)

For easy access

Remote code editing

No more work hassle with local development. Move to the cloud!

Online debugger

Everything you need for productive development

Distributed code tracing integration

Less hassle

Certification and support system for applications

From unknown, listed, recommended to supported and upgradable. 

Moving backup

Between instances

CI/CD integration

For professionals

Developer's hub

Get Odoo tasks done

Move in right now!  We've got your back!